Fashion of 40-ies

So it was the new decade, the impact of the economic crisis of the early thirties went on there, industry was developing, purchasing power increased, and at the beginning of the forties, women have become totally "non-crisis" lengthen their skirts and make them layered, cut shoulders, flashlights, wearing white blouses and have become popular lush ribbons - and the most "rage" was a strip of ribbon. The strips were everywhere and very different: a broad and thin, smooth and discontinuous, black and white and colored. Trend styles beginning 40-ies like clothes Latina. At the same time, other fashionable women chose to copy the style of clothes Hollywood actresses, and others - have continued to develop in the thirties a popular image of "adolescent women."

True fans of fashion and style is learning to pick lipstick and other cosmetics to match clothes. It is in the early 40-ies lipstick is varied by color and saturation, acquires consistency, similar to the modern.
And somewhere far away from fashion trends and also very close, brewing events that will transform not only the history of fashion, but the whole story in general. Germany's attack on Poland was the first alarm bell upcoming years. And already in 1941 the economies of most countries has been transferred to the military situation.
Paris, which by that time was the capital of fashion, now occupied by soldiers of the Third Reich, shops and fashion studio closed, and designers are forced to wear women from the "top" of the government occupiers and collaborators.
In the United States in early 1942, Governmental Committee of the Military Industries produces the famous law of "L-85", under which the use of natural wool and cotton fabrics is allowed only for the needs of the military department, and civilians recommended the use of viscose and acetate silk, fabric and cut of at least without the lush ornaments.


In Britain, given strict planning throughout too: from fashion to its number in the "per capita". The famous "pret-a-porter" was born precisely in the 40-ies in the UK, where designers, cutters, tailors were called up for military service and of clothing required to develop a cost-effective production. Even the elegant and always had been at the peak of fashion "Vogue", demonstrated a commitment to their pages and minimalist in a cut and a small figure in the tissues.
Since the end of 1942 in fashion were white collar and cuffs. This was also a consequence of economies: people cannot sew white blouses and shirts, but everyone wated look elegant and neat like, regardless of reports from the fronts of the war.
Europe dressed in military style, hats, so popular in the late thirties or early forties, first decrease in size, and then completely replaced by handkerchiefs. In the tissues - the rule of khaki-colored, flashy dark gray, and, as an output option, fabric in a small flower. Lapels, cuffs, lapels, pleated, ployka - all left in the past, the pre-war years.


Cosmetics was inexcusable luxury: the first Italian ingenuity shown by starting to tint lips with wine, and eyebrows - burnt wood or bone, but for them this kind of cosmetics "natyurel" passed into the continental European countries. Only in the U.S. industry has continued to produce (though in limited quantities), cosmetics, and photo chronicle of those years with the behavior of American women captured the eyes and carefully painted lips. But, since imports are not necessary, in terms of military governments, things were banned, the European women of fashion have not seen this lipstick and shadows until the end of the forties.


United States, as a country from the coalition, also felt the effects of economy put on a war footing, but on a smaller scale. In 1943, the U.S. by Court of fashionistas were made three fashionable styles: dress shirt, resembling a military uniform, working style - for women with a high waist trousers and blouses, jackets reminiscent of the shortened and, finally, the third fashion trend - a sports fashion. By some incomprehensible way, these modern trends coexisted with the traditional attachment to American women (especially South of the country) to a corset and hat in the style of Scarlett O'Hara. Unconstrained blending seemingly incongruous things, an American managed to look stylish, and even appeared in 1943 style "mix and match, did not violate the harmonious look of fashionable women the U.S. mid 40-ies.

Since 1946, almost overnight came back into fashion skirt flares. The narrow "pencil" and close anxious to forget jackets, dresses, shirts - replaced by free blouses and return them frill, flounces, flying cut.
Caught these women's aspirations of a young and then unknown designer Christian Dior. 1947 - a watershed year for fashionistas. That year, women all over the world have learned how clothing looks new, unprecedented, cutting: narrow shoulders with a slightly overpriced line armholes, slim waist tightly and skirt with a wide skirt flying.
But not only the phenomenon of Christian Dior remember that year, the world of fashion. In 1947, emerging from the European cosmetic industry, in Paris - boom in cosmetic shops, and from this year in their handbags women forever settles lipstick. In just two years to get out of the production of tubes has been improved and put on stream - lipstick we know today took shape.


Christian Dior models captures the world. Latest at the mercy of the young, makes good fashion, "surrendered" America and there, in 1949, the world was a coat with flared hem. While fashionable women master this unprecedented fashion, Christian Dior presents new surprises: shoes with heels, a glass it replaces the thin-heeled shoes, which dubbed the "pin" invents clothing H-silhouette, after it comes silhouette Y.
Eclecticism of postwar situation still holds, but gradually loses its position: out of fashion knitted jackets, dresses in fine flower, narrow sleeves, no cuffs. The fashion designer Emilio Pucci enters into circulation of tissue from a large floral pattern in America is born "turtleneck" Europe "giving heart" pattern in pea, at the fashionable white shirt cuffs appear to elbow height.

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