20-ies in the history of the world fashion

By the beginning of the 20-ies of the XX century Europe is almost recovered from the horrors of the First World War. Successful development of industry and the invention of the American Henry Ford assembly line, allowed to put clothing and shoes to the stream. However, the true fashionable women still prefer to dress individually. Distinctive feature of the fashion of the second decade of XX century was the gradual merging of the trends prevailing in North America and Europe. Fashion on two continents do not differ so dramatically, as before, it reigned about the same cuts and styles in clothing.

Emansipe - how does it looks?


The main factor that influenced on the development of fashion trends in the 20's, was the desire of women for emancipation. The intense struggle for equality with men has led to what is typically feminine traits in the figure is no longer welcome. Ideal - skinny woman with narrow hips, without the slightest hint of a bust or other roundness. Trying to imitate men in absolutely everything, women are mercilessly get rid of romantic curls and polls make short haircuts "page". They no longer intend to live a boring life of housewives and successfully master the entertainment is always considered a purely male - card games, driving and even flying on airplanes. Fashionable women of those years is not considered shameful smoking in society, and lady's cigarette case, decorated with stones and engraving - an exquisite gift for a lady. In connection with the general population smoking becomes an indispensable accessory holder. It sometimes reaches a length of half a meter - is a real chic!

Dress or pants?


In the clothing of the 20's dominated two different directions. On the one hand - a unisex style with his trouser suit, on the other - an echo of dansingomanii that has engulfed the entire world - short dresses in the style of jazz dancers.

Wanting to be with a strong gender equal, the ladies began actively to wear men's clothing. Extremely popular are shirts and pants. In Europe and America, the ladies let themselves go, even in the light of men's tuxedos, with pleasure complementing her dress, men's hat or carelessly tied necktie. Women in Soviet Russia, did not lag behind American and European women of fashion. So the shirt, short skirt, made of breeches and boots rough - typical attire for a young activist. Often it is supplemented male leather jacket and a bright single-tone scarf.


Styles of dresses in those years differed straight brim, asymmetrical hem, low waist, lack of sleeves and causing the notches on his back, reaching almost to the waist. In general, a silhouette was to emphasize the leanness and angularity of the figures. Later, in the mid-90's, such типаж with a light hand model Kate Moss will again in vogue under the name "heroin chic." However, in fairness, we note that in the 20's, the presence of a handbag tiny snuff boxes with the opium was not uncommon, especially among the "golden youth". The lack of femininity in clothes successfully compensated makeup. Shadows of dark-gray and black tones, intensely-up eyes, saturated reds and cherry shades of lipstick - it was all a direct reflection of images of a fatal beauty of the silent cinema.

At the end of 1921 fashion began to dictate a gradual decrease in the length dresses. This trend was relevant until the mid 20's. The climax was in 1926, when Coco Chanel has shown the world his famous black dress.

And what accessories?

From tissue designers prefer silk, satin and velvet. Tone of their dresses were offset trim. In the course of walking beads, embroidery, fringe. As a jewelry necessary items considered a long string of pearls, which wraps around the neck several times. The lower tier of it was sure to reach almost to the hips. Yours truly fashionable woman in the 20's use of fur. The fur is no longer the only detail of finish coats. Now graceful sobolinaya or pelts piled on the shoulders of women like a neat addition of evening attire. The fashion for short dresses has created a huge demand for silk stockings who looked particularly elegant in the open ladies' legs. But not all of them were affordable. Therefore, the middle class content with stockings of synthetic fibers, which are not so good, but quite acceptable for the price.


Enormous changes in the 20 years, underwent the appearance of shoes. Became fashionable shoes, with the obligatory heel. Special shoes were a luxury with a fastener-membrane, this detail was taken from dance shoes jazz dancers. Since this shoe was worth a lot, to protect it from dirt and moisture used special rubber boots. They were worn over shoes when entering the street.

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