Retro fashion

Clothes in retro style is very crucial. Certainly, many people would like to dress that way or put on old vintage stuff. There is a difference - dressed in retro and wear a vintage thing. You can create your toilet only from vintage things and look for the latest fashion. In turn, simply a modern form of things "Impress" in retro style. Another option - conversion of old things in order to get something SuperDuper.

For example, you're going to an exhibition of vintage cars. Common question - what to wear? The place where you going, of course dictates the style of clothes. Certainly, one must dress in retro style.
To do this, just turn upside down all the cabinets in the house and find the old grandmother's blouses and bags, then go to the flea market, go shopping after the "second hand", and you already had a solid number of intricate gizmos. It remains to bring them in order, if necessary. Imagine that you are lucky - you found a bag of the last century. It is perfectly suitable for any modern costume, but we will do more interesting. To her perfect dark skirt to the knee and a light cardigan. And your vintage retro wardrobe is ready.

If you want your things more or less exactly in line with the chosen period, view old photographs, and fashion magazines. Having some idea of the era, you are easily able to be like the ideal. But we must not forget that now is the XXI century, and we can use a few light touches of modern fashion. Here begins creative - Jazz up your retro-wardrobe with a pair of modern things, is not so important that it will all depends on you. And you'll look stylish, creative and interesting.

Now about remaking vintage. In the case of alteration is difficult to advise something, because everything depends on you and your imagination. Having bought a long skirt 80-ies and work on it, you can get a sexual mini and unusual top. Remember also that there are colors, conversion embroidery, rivets, tape … Everything is in motion!


Well, if you want something more pompous? There is nothing easier - Fashion of 40-ies. Fashion of that time was very rich. Knee-length skirts, blouses with long sleeves, flashlights, gloves, an incredible number of hats and handbags. Rigorous simple hairstyle. And very beautiful fur coats and collars. And shoes with a hairpin! That's really something, but you cant approach to the girl, dressed in that fashion in jeans and sneakers. This is lux, a style, it's glamor. And there is nothing better for a theatrical premiere, as this is the retro image. Be sure you do not miss a single glance.

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